Friday, March 19, 2010

Secret Admirers

This is the arrangement that appeared on my front porch yesterday late morning. It came with a little envelope with my name on it. The card inside said, love from your secret admirer. I'd like to say that this made me happy, but it really didn't. The thing is I need to know WHO is my secret admirer and WHY they admire me. I don't think it's one of my friends because they give me so much, anyway, and they would surely tell me if they'd done such a thing. I don't think it's a man, or at least I HOPE it's not a man because if it is, I find that a bit creepy -- and like my good friend J said, The last thing you need right now is a boyfriend. That made me burst out laughing because it's so, so true (unless, of course it was George Clooney or maybe Alec Baldwin and they loved me, not in spite of, but because I am aging rapidly and am about five hundred pounds heavier than I was twenty years ago).

I know that I'm supposed to be pleasantly surprised by it and grateful and thankful and just be laid back and accept it with pleasure, but I can't. It's actually sort of driving me crazy.


  1. Well, hell. It would drive me crazy too.

  2. Lovely, but it's not from me. I agree that I'd be happy to find that on my doorstep but I'd want to know who left it there. In the meantime, just enjoy. Oh, and I recently read or heard (maybe dreamed) that it is healthier to be a little on the heavier side.


  3. I want to believe it's from a friend who just thought you could use a lift...but the "secret admirer" part is kinda loaded. Can't the florist reveal the identity?

  4. Hi hon..wanted to pop by and say howdy and give you a quick hug. (((hugs)))
    Uhmmmm yeah...this would make me uncomfortable too...would make my hubby a crazy man!! I am not one for surprises...they make me edgy too!! Hope some one steps up and tells you it was them..someone you won't mind a treat from!!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  5. Someone left an orchid in a pot on my doorstep a month or 2 ago and it still drives me crazy. Every once in a while The Husband asks me if I ever found out who it was from .... maybe that was as good for him as it was for me. Try to enjoy the flowers and the mystery of it without imagining a stalker (lol)

  6. I would love to take credit, and I do admire you, but alas, that would be a lie. Enjoy the flowers and wait. You will figure it out.

  7. Yeah, you need another man like you need a hole in the head ;)

    Hope you find out who it was, in the meantime, enjoy the gift. The flowers are lovely.

  8. and my guess is that the person kind of figures how this will drive you a little nuts.
    and that is part of the deal.

    and that is a beautiful and not so cheap arrangement.

    my husband would freak btw.

    I've sent flowers without a note , just because. once. not again, and not saying I was a secret admirer.

  9. I have never commented before even though I find your words so incredibly moving. But I just had to this time. I love the line about a boyfried being the last thing you need! I totally think you deserve those flowers and I'd like to tell you to just enjoy them. But honestly it would drive me totally batty too!

  10. I understand your reaction, though I'd love to find a bouquet of flowers on my doorstep. In this country the florist could be talked into revealing the secret.



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