Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kudos to San Antonio and one awesome father

Morgan's Wonderland theme park for children with special needs and their families opens officially today in San Antonio, Texas. I rarely get teary at these sorts of stories, but I needed a few tissues when I watched this on Good Morning, America. Thanks to my own dad for bringing it to my own attention.

Click HERE and be sure to watch the short video.


  1. What a great concept. One step at a time maybe soon there would be no barriers, no difference, no hurtful words to be used. I know what you are thinking but if to worry about something is like a prayer for something you don't want to happen, then to wish for something must be the prayer for something you hope it may come true. Here is to wish for that. If there is a Heaven that man has earned first row center for what he has created and for the joy in the faces of those children.

  2. I wish we were close to there, I have been reading about it online and would LOVE to take Peanut!

    Come check out my blog, YOU are a winner!!

  3. I have family in San Antonia and I will ask them about it. I really thank you for sharing this. I shared this on my facebook page as well. So touching and I loved seeing all the smiling faces on the kids and their families.

  4. wow.
    He raised $30 million . That's unreal.

    When are you going?

  5. Wonderful! Now to find a way to build them around the country so as to be accessible to all who need such a fun place. Perhaps a dream that will, someday, come true.




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