Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Father's Garden

Bluebird's nest

Sophie's Rose, in bloom


  1. something so reassuring about a nest and spring promises.

    (you surprised me with your darker background...very masculine like a finely woven suit)

  2. This morning Owen and I were in Bop-Bop's garage and we watched as a wren fly in and perched on the edge of a motorcycle helmet on top of an old refrigerator. She had twigs in her beak.
    Do you know how blessed I felt that this nineteen month old boy watched with me in silence as the wren tucked the twigs into her nest? And then we talked about it.
    Some days I am completely in awe of the smallest, smallest things.

  3. Pure gift - pure beauty. The simple things really are the best ones.

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  5. Sophie's rose is so lovely.

    And the eggs...it seems that every other exterior carriage light on our house has a bird's nest wedged in between light and wall. I love to see the tiny adult bird's head sticking up like a sentry.

    And last night, I listened to a nightbird sing right outside my study window while I scanned all the late, significant news.

  6. Gorgeous!
    We have a nest of wrens in our birdhouse and I am worried and delighted simultaneously.

  7. Those eggs and that flower... perfection.

  8. Sophie is a rose in bloom.

    And I love your father's garden... it looks like a place of beauty and respite...

  9. I would love to sit in your father's garden.

  10. Beautiful. I wish we had blue birds here. We have Blue Jays. They are cawing at my from my rusted Welcome gate and dive bombing the cat and dog.



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