Friday, May 13, 2011

Well, of course it is -- Friday the 13th --

Sophie is home from school and I've got two million cakes to make and finish for clients. Oliver is having a birthday party tonight and I locked myself out of the house when the FedEx guy delivered the diapers and the dog squeezed through the door and the wind blew it shut. Blogger was down for two days and lost two of my posts -- one of which highlighted my new mug and mantra:

So that's what I'm doing. Eating cake (although I'm still on The Cleanse and doing well!) and moving on. Sophie is now awake. The cakes are all but finished, and I'm going to get the house ready for an army of boys.

Last day of work chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and regular cream cheese icing

White Cake with Raspberry Filling and Vanilla Frosting

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Another photo because I'm pleased with these

Chocolate Extravaganza Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Filling
and Chocolate Ganache Glaze


  1. Still loving the mantra and absolutely loving the goods!

    Have a great party and thinking and sending love,prayers and healing vibes to your sweet girl.

  2. Must be the day, I too posted about baking because comfort comes in many ways, some time wrapped in chocolate, some time wrapped in Dubliner and toasted pecans, and some times knowing that a friend is doing the same thing, only the ingredients are different. Happy Birthday party for my big O. Did he get his B-day card?

  3. Those cakes and cupcakes have my EYES WATERING. What does that mean? Not just mouth, but EYES watering. You have the touch, ma'am.
    Blogger is making me a little bit nervous. I'm glad it's back online.

    Given Sophie's latest seizures, I would be wondering, too. I hope it's a great weekend. xoxoxo

  4. Love the mantra!

    And you commented on my blog, and it wouldn't allow me to comment, and now the comment's gone? Wierdness.

    So, no, the world is big, but sometimes the connections pull it together. :)

  5. Oh my. How did you do this? I'm speechless and that is very hard to do.

    Sophie looks beautiful, I believe she could make LA drivers happy.


    **dances around the house like a crazy person**


    That is the coolest fucking thing I've ever seen on a cake and believe me I am a serious cake lover.

    Oh that gave me an all over body smile.


  7. I'm glad your cleanse is going well, but I would be even more glad if i were eating one of those cupcakes.

    And a slice of cake.

    Or two.

  8. YUM. Those look beautiful. How are you doing a cleanse while you're making all sort of cakes?????

  9. You are a true cake artist, Elizabeth. I'll bet a lot of people are very happy that you are back in the baking business! Those double chocolate cupcakes are gorgeous. x0 N2

  10. Cake. Looks. So. Good. I want to move to LA.



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