Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brutal Endings in Baseball and an Update*

It was a beautiful southern California morning. The jacarandas were in bloom.

Oliver's team went into the first playoff game in second place. They expected to "beat the pants off" the other team.

In the first inning, they scored five runs.

By the end of the game, they had lost 20 - 8.


Lots of tears.

Let's hope Henry's playoff game works out a little better. Just saying.

*Update: Redemption was not to be. Henry's team also lost abysmally and while there were fewer tears from the big boys, it took an end of season party of pizza and cannoli with beer for the grown-ups to shake it all off. We're done with baseball  -- for now.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry :( Losing sucks. The photos are great though. I just love that little face!

  2. sports kill me.
    but we keep going back for more :)

    love the photos as well... !

  3. All I can say is this- your son is beautiful.

  4. What a gorgeous boy...and what a crushing way to finish the season. Maybe one of your cakes would help his spirits?
    I join you in hope for Henry's game(s).

  5. here, here, ms moon! losing shmoosing, i always say. xo.

  6. My girl's softball games have been like this. Your son looks so intent on the game!

  7. So sorry to hear about Oliver's game! That is tough and hard on him. Sorry about Henry too. You know, though, the fact that you were there supporting both of them with love and spirit is what they will recall. I love the pictures.

  8. loosing isn't fun, but because of the way they were raised they'll bring their talent back to the field the next time they play.

    And game game after that they'll do it the exact same way regardless of the loss or the win of the previous game.

    Besides, how can you not walk away laughing when two different teams show up for the game in nearly identical colors? and here I was thinking that only happened in Pleasant Hill. Yep, it's a crazy world or maybe it's just me (but more than's you)

    I wouldn't have added the parenthesis if it wasn't for the word that showed up as the verification

  9. Must agree with Ms.Moon - all I can say is your son is beautiful.

  10. Oh, so sorry for Henry's team, too...I think your party sounds like a great response. Summer is nearly here - on to other activities!

  11. Loosing is hard. I wish my boys played a team sport, instead when they loose, they're going it alone on the tennis court. Loosing is hard for the parents watching too.

  12. It was always hard to end a baseball season whether the team was losing or winning. I mean it was nice to go back to a normal dinner time on the weekday game nights and not get home at 8:00 PM but I always missed the sitting in the bleachers or chairs passing the time with all the parents as we cheered our team on...

  13. I'm glad it was, at least, a beautiful day. It would have been so much more painful to play (and lose) in the rain.

    Here's hoping that summer is full of fun and winning ;-)

  14. What the hecks? Isn't there a "mercy rule"? Or has Oliver outgrown that. Ergh. Sorry. I know your pain.

  15. Next year is a new beginning. Losing always stinks but it is preparation for winning and makes the eventual victory much sweeter doesn't it?



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