Saturday, June 25, 2011

Despite yesterday's pot post,

I'll ask today that you join in the Dignity Revolution. After all, part of the reason why we're all driven to the Caregiver and Lounge is because our children are often not treated with dignity and we're all half out of our minds constantly caring for and advocating in a system that seems contrived to work against us in nearly every single way.

Read The Bitter Truth by Tim Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics and a fine spokesperson for persons with intellectual disabilities.


  1. I don't take pleasure in my cynical attitude, but I think people can espouse the inherent value of all sentient beings, disabled or not, and believe it with all their heart and soul, and little would change. Why? Because as Tocqueville said, Americans value everything in response to this sole questions: How much money will it bring in?

    Practically, I think the question to ponder is: How can providing quality education and care for the disabled be a lucrative, moneymaking business. (And the inverse would need to be true. Lousy care, no money). Answer that questions and people will be standing in line to help the cause.

  2. As always, Elizabeth- you are my hero.

  3. Excellent article, both true and sad.

  4. "The real engine of acceptance and dignity is your neighbor, your classmate, your colleague at work. Governments can't force them to think more openly or to see dignity more universally."... this spoke straight to my heart.Would it be incredible to do our meet in greet in Athens instead of the lounge??

    Slightly off topic but wanted to share.

    I realized something the other day,as a statement was relayed to me about someone I know very well,it went something like this.."So and so is thinking about having a baby.In thinking about it she got on the topic of having a child with disabilities and said she said that she thought she could handle it but that it would really suck after awhile" ... I decided in that moment that those,even close to me,who love me,love Zoey,perhaps pity us,feel sorry for us and certainly don't want to be us.And in the end do they really accept my child for who she is and revere her with the dignity she so deserves.Not at all sure they do.

  5. I don't find Noan's comment cynical at all; I disagree only with ascribing these issues to American rather than global cultural values.
    I'm sure there are exceptions but I've put my anthropology hat to bed for the night.

  6. Aww...I wanna smoke a fatty...!!!!!

    No fair!!!!

  7. I personally hope for the day when we can all be treated with the dignity we deserve simply because we exist on the face of the planet. Despite age, ability, race, gender or any other damn thing. Until then, thank goodness for places like the marijuana shop! ;-)



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