Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The Mazda sits at the EZ Lube getting stroked and stripped as clean as a whistle. The bougainvillea climbs orange to the blue sky. I sit at the cafe next to the lube stop with my fried eggs and polenta, an orange wedge flagged by parsley. My cup runneth over with coffee.


  1. Polenta makes me think of my grandmother cracking up at how trendy it became. When she was young they just called it cornmeal mush.

    Looks yummy though :)

  2. My first thought is to do Meg Ryan's "When Harry Met Sally" restaurant scene... only for real!

  3. Bliss on a plate...and in a cup.
    I just saw Stacy Marshall today, when I picked up my coffee at their business. We talked about you, admiring you, and what a "coincidence" it is that we both know you...of course, as my friend Jo says, "There are no accidents." xoxo

  4. Been catching up here, Elizabeth, and loving your peonies. I, too, am a big fan, though I haven't been successful in getting them to grow in my yard. Yet. Having a bouquet of them on the table is like having a dear friend come to stay.

    I'm loving your new short, impressionistic pieces of writing on the blog.

    Hugs from Here!

  5. Wow! I'm inspired to make some polenta and eggs for lunch! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm not too sure about the parsley sticking up out of that orange.



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