Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Fantasy

Bonnie Parker


What gets you up in the morning?

For me it is the thought
that someday, I will be
as far away from here
as I can get

Watch me
rubbing out the lines behind me
I recommend it

I recommend 
fooling everyone into thinking
that you have settled down
and then heading for the hills

The dog will bare his teeth
if instructed and meet up
with you later. It's good
you named him Bandito:
he'll watch your back

This, by the way, this is not a fantasy
It is page 69 (ha ha!) of the manual
I read when we were planning 
the takeover

So it didn't happen—so what?
This is better
Wait until I tell you
what's on the next page

Eleanor Lerman, from The Sensual World Reemerges 
via The Writer's Almanac


  1. There is a scene for Anne Tlyer's "Ladder of Years" that has always stayed with me. It is the one where the family goes on a beach vacation, and the mother starts walking down the beach and just keeps walking. I remember discussing it with my sister, and expressing shock that a mother (even a fictional one) could leave her children like that. My sister said - Noan, her children are teenagers. Years later, I understood.

  2. Between reading the post and reading what Noan wrote...I am oh..thinking. There are days like that.

  3. I love that Anne Tyler book. I completely got it. And when I read that poem I thought, Oh yes. Bandito. He's got my back.
    And when I saw this picture I fell in love with Bonnie Parker all over again.

  4. How old was Bonnie? She looks like she's 12.

  5. oh.

    and is it terrible to note her figure? geez.



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