Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Go with My Go Bag

via The Pop-Up City

Read more about the Go Bag HERE.

Read my new favorite blog HERE.


  1. Maybe you could just set it in your yard. A little place to call your own.

    I think books are my way of escaping.

  2. That is so cute ... love to see inside!

  3. Have you seen the Tiny Texas houses? Google 'em. I'm enchanted.

  4. I was going to get all pretend-incensed that MY blog was no longer your favorite ;-) but then I clicked over and WOW those are cool! Makes me think about all our ridiculously excess stuff, and makes our cramped 1100 foot apartment seem suddenly spacious.

  5. Just think how quick it would be to keep it tidy inside!

    I think yurts in the woods would be my cup of tea. Like camping with the outdoors but there is a real floor and a bed. My body does not like sleeping on the ground. That was once upon a time!

  6. I would love to minimize my life to something like this but where would I put the kids and the giant dog after I loaded up the meds, prone stander, wheel chairs... I can always dream though. If this was mine I'd paint the trim pink.



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