Friday, September 30, 2011

Because I can

Home made Dulce de Leche Cake with Canned Whipped Cream
for Breakfast

Meg McGrath (Jessica Lange): Why'd you do it, Babe? Why'd you put your head in the oven?

Babe (Sissy Spacek): I don't know. I'm having a bad day...

-- from the movie Crimes of the Heart (1986)


  1. Food is my suicide method of choice.

  2. that cake looks really good. my tummy hurts. eat some for me, will ya?

    i hope your day gets better...

  3. "Honey, we've just got to stop havin' these bad days."

  4. Yeah.
    But holy shit, if you're gonna put something in the oven, make it a cake.
    Call me--any hour of the day or night. I mean it. I'll come over. Even if you've eaten all the cake.

  5. Um, do you happen to have one of those fancy double ovens, and I could join you?

    Hope the day got better. Even by a little bit.

  6. One of my favorite lines from the movie "Bullworth".

    "You should never make life and death decisions when you're feeling suicidal."

    What can I say? I like dark humor. And cake.

  7. The only surprise here is the "canned" whip cream... things must be really tough right now
    Hope your enjoying the homemade whipped variety very soon.

  8. Cake for breakfast will trump head in the oven any day.
    Too bad you are half way across the country, otherwise I would put you to work with me in the barn. The horses, the work and my sparkling personality, it would either cure you or make you think about that oven!

    That is a beautiful cake, btw.

  9. Cake for breakfast makes me smile. It reminds me of that Bill Cosby routine where he was in charge for the morning and fed the kids chocolate cake, reasoning that it has milk and eggs in it. The kids sang, "Dad is great. Gives us the chocolate cake."

    Sending smiles your way.

  10. hope the day got better. that cook looks like it comfort a heart or two. i send love.

  11. I know Buddha said to take refuge in the three jewels, but I lately I have been taking refuge in red wine, anything slathered with olive tapenade, and oatmeal cookies.

    Could you please post the recipe for that cake?

  12. Ah you make me smile and sigh and drool!



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