Monday, September 26, 2011

A Koan?

I do not indulge in anger.

The Ninth Zen Precept

He who cannot be angry when he should,
at whom he should, and how much he should
is a fool.



  1. Anger is a very normal and natural emotion. I am not sure why we need to pretend it does not exist.

  2. OMG I hate Koans. I used to sit around in the 70's contemplating these. Why? Why? Why? Since all begins with nothing where can dust collect? The sound of one hand clapping....eeeeeee I'm having a flashback....eeeeeee.

  3. Maggie: Yes, most definitely

    Birdie: True -- normal -- but something to muse upon

    Secret Pepper Person: you make me laugh, always

  4. The point of a koan always being to free yourself of useless overthinking: that's why impossible conundrums were given, to show that through no reasonable measure of thinking could you arrive at a solution. The Zen concept of 'living action', where instant recognition preempted any necessity for action, was the moment all sought but few realized.
    Krishnamurti also tried to convey this and I do place him in the realm of Zen philosophy.
    To try to negate anger is silly, but diverting its energy through meditation, a 'communicating with self', is worthwhile. Transforming the energy of anger requires that we not maintain our focus on the thing which angers us, though.

  5. I think the key word in this is "indulge".

  6. love your posts, just taking it in on a day when I could use it.. Probably end up somewhere in btw. the 2 today, if I'm lucky.

  7. I used to be afraid of anger and disdainful of it. Now, I fully appreciate its ability to motivate me to do the right thing as soon as I'm calm.

  8. i have to admit i'm more in tune with aristotle...

  9. What Claire said.

    Though these days I am more prone to make friends with my anger - tend to it the way I would a tired toddler.



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