Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Overcoming Disability" and Other Brilliant Thoughts

So...bionic legs are okay to dump obscene amounts of research money into, but creating good quality, affordable wheelchairs is not.

My dear friend Claire at life with a severely disabled child has written a provocative post on disability in response to a statement she read in a larger article about the terrible airplane show accident in Nevada this weekend.  My mind was once again opened and challenged when I read this piece -- I urge you to do so, also.

Read it here.


  1. Wow, Elizabeth. This is hard. See- I never in a million years would have seen that slant on the report of a "disabled person" who had "overcome disability."
    But of course, my life has not pushed me to that place where I would.
    I have to think about this. Thanks for opening my mind by sending me to read the post.



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