Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sarcasm, not just implied

Romanian institution for disabled children, 2006

Funding for home health aides would be cut by 20%, and services for the disabled would be slashed by $100 million -- on top of deep reductions already made in those programs.

That could be the last straw for Michelle Franklin, 45, of Stockton, who receives just under $800 a month from the state to care for her schizophrenic son and an elderly neighbor. If her payments drop by 20%, she said, she may have to commit her child to a state mental hospital. "I love my son dearly and it's going to break my heart, but if they cut my hours I may have to make the decision to let my son go," Franklin said. "That's going to end up costing the state a lot more in the long run."

-- Los Angeles Times, Thursday, November 17th, 2011, in an article spelling out upcoming California budget cuts if revenue is not as expected in December.

"I earn my pay," adding, "Republicans earn their money."

-- GOP state Rep. Lou Blessing, Speaker Pro Tempore of the Ohio House of Representatives, in response to a proposal to cut taxpayer-financed politicians' salaries as a balance to cuts in teachers' taxpayer-balanced salaries, November 6th, 2011

(I was going to post a number of quotes from Newt Gingrich about shared sacrifice, and some information about the enormous amounts of money the man and his lovely wife have spent at Tiffany's over the years, all while espousing his individual "frugality," but I threw up a little bit in my mouth as I perused the stories and decided to call it a day.)


  1. Amazing what the wealthy consider to be sacrifice, isn't it?

  2. Finally started reading "Chronic Sorrow" by Susan Roos ...aptly she says "Simultaneously and absurdly, the person who is the source of sorrow may at times be socially unrecognized, as if he or she does not exist. If there is no existence, there is no loss; therefore, grief is unacknowledged and unaddressed by society."

  3. Phil's quote is apt indeed.

  4. Beyond horrible, really. It becomes almost too much, sometimes, doesn't it.

  5. "I threw up a little bit in my mouth as I perused the stories and decided to call it a day."

    Really, that says it all.



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