Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting the hell out of Dodge

Henry, Oliver and I are leaving for one week today. We're going to visit my sister and her family in Washington, D.C. Those of you who've been around these parts for a while might remember that our trip last year was cancelled due to chicken pox. I'm grateful that my mother has so much mileage that she was able to get us three tickets. I'm grateful that most of the memorials and museums in D.C. are free and my sister has room for all of us and I love her and her family. I'm grateful that one of my dearest friends works for The Man and got us a tour of the West Wing. Woo Hoo! Unfortunately, Sophie will not be coming along. It's too hard for me alone, and she still has a week of school. Since The Husband has to work, they'll be holding down the fort here in Los Angeles.

I'm not sure how much I'll post in the next week, but I'm going to try. Even though I'd sort of rather be going off to Bora Bora, I'm grateful to be going anywhere. In fact, I think if I were going to Bora Bora, I'd never come back.

Carry on, or as Tearful says, Namaste.


  1. Have a wonderful time, Elizabeth! Enjoy being with your boys and seeing the sights and your loved ones.

    Carrie T.

  2. Have a wonderful trip. Hope it involves some brief moments of downtime for you!!!

  3. I hope your trip is safe, restorative and just plain FUN. Have a blast bonding with your sons!!

    -Julia O'C

  4. Have a wonderful week Elizabeth! Sometimes, there's nothing like being away from home! Baci.

  5. Bon voyage, Elizabeth - what a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the blessings of family and discovery. Enjoy each moment - it will be such fun to read about your impressions and adventures when you return!

  6. Have fun!! I love DC. Here's hoping you have some quiet, lovely moments in the National Gallery or the Freer. :)

  7. I'll MISS YOU!!!! But, have a good time. you deserve a getaway. even if its not bora bora ... mb next time.

    safe travels!!

  8. Oh, I'm so glad it worked out this year for you to go! I hope you have a wonderful time (haven't been blogging much this week, so I missed this.)



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