Friday, June 29, 2012

Information and More Nurses

I found this outline of what the Affordable Care Act does and what it will do very helpful. It came from my House representative, Karen Bass. 

Currently Available Provisions (since 2010)
Changes Available starting in 2012
Changes in 2013
Changes in 2014
Changes in 2015 and Beyond

And now, for your amusement:

I'm concerned about the ring on his finger -- and who is that lady with the red nails?

This would definitely be me, if I were a nurse.

Looks like Little Red Riding Hood grew up to be a nurse and The Big Bad Wolf
is eating her up!

And finally, this is for all my fellow care-givers:

I could never resist a doctor who smokes.


  1. Love the old book covers. Apparently nurses are hot. Who knew?

  2. My grandfather knew. Makes me sort of wonder, you know?

  3. I am so glad, elated, that the ACA passed judicial scrutiny. Good information you've got posted here.

    I was once married to a nurse and she made plenty good money! Unfortunately the hours are terrible.

    LOVE the book covers.

  4. Those book covers made my day! Thank you. I've got to share with friends who are nurses!

  5. Those book covers are priceless. Seriously.

    And that last author -- I wonder if Willo Davis Roberts was her real name, or merely a nom de plume? Willo. Hmmm...



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