Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Afternoon

Maybe she'll stop humming if I give her a taste of my chocolate shake.

Henry, Hamburger Hamlet


  1. I would. Stop humming. But then I might start again, to see if someone would give me MORE!
    Your boys make me swoon. Your daughter opens my heart wide open.

  2. How sweet and smart is that?

  3. Brothers are awesome....and I ate at a Hamburger Hamlet in Hollywood back in 1983! Is there more than one?

  4. Aww, we need a Henry. When Lola gets going with her incessant patter-hum-trill I start grinding my teeth subconsciously and Eve just shouts, "STOP IT! YOU'RE MAKING ME CRAZY!" And then Lola looks up in shock because she didn't really even know she was doing it. Either that or it is completely involuntary and she couldn't stop if she tried...



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