Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things I Hate, Part 2

You might want to warm up on Part I, here, that got a surprising amount of comments which leads me to believe that in a general culture of constantly striving for happiness, there's room for a bit of the curmudgeonly. I only have a few to start and hope you'll join in, if you feel the need. Otherwise, go on with your cheerful outlook.

  1. The expression "necessary evil"
  2. Deflated balloons -- the ones that slowly drift around the house as they lose air are cool, but I just can't stand the ones that lie on the floor, sometimes for days and days (at least in our house) until someone, always me, brings them to the garbage. Then I usually wonder, with a small bit of agitation, whether I should shove them into the garbage bin, slightly blown up, or pop them and then put them away, which leads me to:
  3. Popping balloons and balloons that pop. I hate the tension that precedes the one and the startle reflex that comes at the other.
  4. Hearing about miracles, particularly present-day ones that involve brain surgery or anti-epileptic drugs and children who have been miraculously saved and/or whose seizures have miraculously stopped due to having 1/2 of their brains removed or three doses of the new med. Humor me here, but I've had this fortune cookie fortune in my wallet for twelve years:
I wonder if the Chinese word for "never" was accidentally translated to "soon."

     5.     When people use the word cynical improperly, as in calling me cynical for the above hatred

     6.     My own curmudgeon-liness when faced with others' kind intentions and overtures. 

     7.     Weird formatting issues like the one above -- this happens when I cut and paste -- the highlighting 
              behind the words. How do I get rid of that?

Reader, what do you hate these days?


  1. I hate balloons being released into the sky for any purpose. Not good for many reasons.

    I hate proving that I'm "not a robot". Sometimes I have to attempt that multiple times.


  2. Right this second I am hating it when people say things to be amusing but which actually are very hurtful.
    And that is all I'm going to say about that except that it has nothing to do with the blog world.

  3. I hate a lot of stuff. One is when people say something like, "I always just say what's on my mind." or something similar as an excuse for saying something mean spirited

  4. I hate when people say "my thoughts and prayers are with you." That's so ... shallow. And meaningless. It doesn't help me at all! If you really want to help, DO SOMETHING!!! Give me a hug. Bring me some food. Do my dishes.

  5. Dust. Dust bunnies. The film that appears on every surface in my house and car. Towels that don't wash themselves. I think there's a theme here...

  6. I have a friend with a great fear of balloons, for exactly the reason you describe -- she can't stand the tension of knowing that any second, they could pop! (Maybe balloons are like clowns -- something we're all supposed to like but, in fact, many of us don't?)

    I think I can help with your formatting problem. In editing mode on your post, click on the "html" tab at the top. You'll see everything you've typed along with the html coding for your photo and whatnot. You should see some html tags in front of the words you cut and pasted, and also at the end of the pasted portion. Just remove those tags. That should clear the weird formatting.

    Sometimes when I cut and paste from other pages the same thing happens and I get strange fonts or font sizes or spacing, and stripping the html coding always solves the problem. Hope this helps.

  7. Oh, one more thing on the html: If you strip out ALL the tags from the pasted portion of your post, you may lose your paragraphs. But no problem -- just go back to the compose tab and then add them in again.

    And obviously, don't strip out all the html from the entire post, because that will eliminate your photo and all the formatting you want.

    (Forgive me if I'm telling you what you already know!)

  8. I too generally find clowns to be creepy...

  9. I hate it when people say "cheer up, things could be worse" or "god only gives people what they can handle". Some days things could not be worse and I'm tired of getting stuff from god!

  10. You don't get the balloon thing do you? What you are describing are helium ones, right? So...when no one is around, pierce the low-to-the-floor ones, and inhale the gas and talk funny for about 10 seconds. Killer. And yes, I have done it. ;)

  11. Hate it that you are on the other side of the continent.
    Hate when my dog farts.
    Hate fortune cookies -- the way they stick to the roof of your mouth.
    Hate lame fortunes. Love it that you hold on to it I do too.
    HATE the capthca on blogger!
    (Love it that I now have a new mac air -- its all the things I'm not, slim, sexy, fast -- and really love it b/c it has a "reading list" so I can finally be a better blog follower. Lame lame.

  12. Hmmmm. There are so many things to choose from these days:)

    That I can't take my daughter out without her being in a wheelchair.

    That I have to take her staff with me.

    That I have to make small talk with her staff while I visit my daughter.

    That my siblings treat my mother like shit, in my opinion.

    Logic. I know it's all well and good but sometimes I want to scream and stamp my feet and be completely illogical.

    Grey days with no rain. Rain already!

    I'm feeling grumpy today. I've had enough of family visiting. The one person in my family that I truly like, is my sister-IN-LAW. That pretty much says it all.

    And blogger, because their changes suck big time.

  13. What a fun post! And fun comments. I had no idea the angst balloons caused some folks. Unfortunately reading the caption under your cookie fortune fortune made me guffaw. Which has now made it difficult for me to think of things I hate these.

  14. I hate my stupendous inability to manage a job, my commute, my family, my reader, my blog, and my weight. I hate that I don't have even a fraction of the time necessary for anyone else, much less myself. I hate that I crave solitude, because what kind of crappy mom, who hasn't seen her kids all week, wants to be alone on Saturday? I hate I don't have time to take the dogs for a walk and/or go running, or take a yoga class, or learn ASL, or how to cook (REALLY cook). I hate that I don't like cooking. I hate that our house is such a pigsty. And I hate that my pretty hair has gone, not grey, but FRIZZY in middle age. I hate that I might hate my frizzy hair the most.

    Wow. That was unexpectedly cathartic.
    Suppressed rage, much?

  15. hate people that tell me they could not do what I do.

    In fact it makes me a little crazy.

  16. I hate the pop of balloons, too, so I generally tuck them under one arm, pull the tied end out and slice it off with scissors to avoid the sudden *snap* that always startles me.

    I hate the phrase "collateral damage." No such thing. Damage is damage. It all hurts.

  17. I hate the sound of packing tape.

    I hate that the coconut cake is now gone.

  18. haha, I think I will have to join you, because I find your invitation too irresistible! :)
    However, just now I can't contribute with much, as after spending two days in the hot and sticky city, taking care of the various problems that elderly parents need assistance with, I'm feeling not cheerful, not happy, but content to be where I am at the moment.

  19. How am I just seeing these posts? Damn!



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