Monday, June 18, 2012

Two days left of school,

and a bit of fore-shadow for the summer:

I had no part in these shenanigans, except actually giving birth to their creators. The rather large one in the too-small ski jacket and helmet with baseball catcher kneepads was the egg parent, if you remember -- further reason that the French need to do all the teenage parenting.

And there's no point to this post other than to show you a glimpse of what boys do when they're happy and not fighting for real. They asked me to film them tackling each other. Then they climbed on their bikes to have a joust with bats, but I had to go inside for that one as I didn't want to see any heads roll.


  1. ah, boys. meanwhile sophie sits peacefully by.

    i remember when my son was in middle school, maybe oliver's age, he said wrestling is how boys hug each other. i thought it was an uncommon insight.

  2. That is my house, on any given day.

    And as I type this. The two little darlings are sitting in separate rooms reading because their wrestling/hockeyfighting in good fun, went all bad. Something about 'He was sitting on my head and I couldn't breathe", followed by punched to the head and so on.

    Ah summer.

  3. For the sake of your sanity, I pray there are some free or low-cost city programs or day-camps for these boys. Because...well, you're going to lose your mind. And one of them might lose a head.
    I see Lily's future here. Bless her heart. And yours.

  4. Good call on the jousting.
    My girls were very much the same. In fact....there was a dirt bike accident this weekend. And she's 23......pace yourself. It's a very long haul, this motherhood business. I suggested to M that, in maybe less than a decade, she would be hauling babies in and out of car seats at which point old injuries will come back to haunt her.
    Myself, I'm 100% risk averse when it comes to physical feats of derring-do. You are very brave to even be out there with a camera!

  5. Ha!! Hilarious. Reminds me so much of me and my brother. Love the dog running through the frame. Looks like typical family chaos!

  6. I'm sorry, but that brings back such fond memories of my childhood. I can remember standing on opposite sides of the rickety aluminum see-saw with foam wiffle ball bats jousting with my brother. I'm fairly certain that this is how the TV show "American Gladiators" was invented...

    Good luck and happy summer!



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