Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After everything

some long ago beach, 1988

You can lie on your back on pale pink linen sheets and listen to a single bird's song but only hear the page of the newspaper turn, a cup brought to the lips, a swallow.

You can have felt the bed beneath you move like an ocean, two boats with lazy oars moving away from each other, the water dark beneath.

You can have climbed up a leaf-strewn hill somewhere outside of Hartford, scrambling, and grabbed hands for the pulling.

You can have walked up the stairs, dark, the house in the woods, and heard the low laugh, seen the pale form in the hall and turned to walk down.

Since the brothers flew their dream machine on a cloudy day, the pale sand piled up in dunes, and only the air remembered.

Love never dies; it just goes underground.


  1. arren't you something else! just gorgeous, every which way.

  2. such imagery and longing. this is lovely.

  3. Aside from that being a powerful piece of writing, I am floored by that picture! It's so Sophie. Maybe you are the mermaid.

  4. Everything I've ever learned is that love has its own ebb and flow, just like the ocean tides. Stay there long enough and there will be changes- high and low tides, different things deposited for you to examine - but in the end, the tide always comes back. Love simply is.

    This was beautiful. Thank you.

  5. my brain seems to be short-circuited these days, at least creatively speaking. yours however, seems to be on fire, in the best sense. and i see sophie in this photo, as well...

  6. This is such an amazing piece - one of my favorites ever written by you and i have many i love. i think i held my breath the entire time and felt my eyes swollen with tears at the end. i get it. i so completely GET it.


  7. Beautiful beyond words, and haunting. In and out like the sea.

  8. true dat! the bros flew the sand dunes . . . .

  9. too hard

    two boats

    you put into words what runs through my head

  10. Sitting here all goosebumpy and filled with admiration. That is some writing. xo

  11. My god what to say? I'm going to sit with this a long while. This is so essentially, so beautifully you, sad and brilliant you. And I thought that was Sophie too for a few seconds. You are a wonder.

  12. I have read this at least ten times and every time I have welled up. You are amazing.



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