Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Antidote to Ann Coulter

An old high school friend of mine worked on this commercial for Disney. I'm not a princess sort of gal, and I'm certainly not a Disney sort, either, but thank god for people like Scott and the sentiments expressed in this commercial. It helped, too, that there are two children with disabilities in it.

I'll go out on a limb and suggest that Ann Coulter is decidedly not a princess, nor is she a model for any child, boy or girl. I'd venture to say, too, that the way she was parented is perhaps at the root of her vile behavior and seeming disregard for anything of worth in our culture.

Thank you, Scott, from the bottom of my strong, albeit hard heart!


  1. I am deeply touched by this video! What a great message for girls -- for all of us, really. Such a welcomed break from the "Tots and Tiaras" show (or whatever they call it). Wholesome, regular, strong girls.

  2. Some beautiful girls and some beautiful thoughts here.

  3. Did you see this? Really great response to her.

  4. I am not sure who Ann Coulter is but maybe that is a good thing. Great video but I would really have liked to see some girls with larger frames. And definitely more visible disabilities. :-)

  5. My daughter wears a tiara when she is studying in her dorm room. She says it comforts her. I am sending her this video at once. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Elizabeth, I would really like to like this, but where are the damn captions????? Disney should know better. I guess little deaf girls are okay to use in videos by Disney, but they shouldn't know what's being said.

    1. Thanks, Paula, for your comment. I believe it's an ad, and I have no idea why there weren't captions.

  7. Wow. Far better than what I would have thought Disney capable of. Hooray for kind and compassionate princesses!

  8. I'm jealous of Birdie for not knowing who Ann Coulter is. I wish I didn't know who she is!

    The thing I don't understand about AC is why people even listen to her. She is such a shock-jock and obvious attention whore. She'll say anything to get people to talk about her. I think the substance of what she says is utterly secondary to her.

    The commercial is cute -- I like that they try to give "princess" more weight than just spinning around in a sparkly dress. My brother has a young daughter and he has assiduously avoided all "princess" costumes and movies and such because he wants her to feel empowered. This commercial at least expresses the idea of an empowered princess.

    Having said that, Angella, I love the idea of your daughter studying in her tiara. Awesome!

  9. Though the video does have some limitations (no captions, girls of different sizes), it is still a very positive message and exactly what I needed after all the Coulter crap. I hope you don't mind, but I have shared it on my Facebook page, and included the link to your blog post.



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