Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boy and Mother

Me, after another bout of sixth grade homework and angst:

Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for a Dream

Him, after another bout of sixth grade homework and angst:

Oliver, decorating for Halloween

Or is he digging my grave?


  1. He will not learn enough from the homework to pay either of you back for the stress of that type of engagement, imho. This means some aspect of the work isn't matching up to his current ability to do it (and don't be fooled by the fact that he CAN do it in the end. Could be exhaustion. Could be frustration. Could be the work.). Anyway, when there's that much stress in doing it, it's highly unlikely he's getting the reinforcement in skills the work exists for.

    Regardless, you will go bat-s*** insane if you fight that battle every day. And gray. And Ellen Burstyn will end up posting pictures of YOU! Don't go there!

    1. Yes, with regrets and sighs to all that. Yes. I know. Thank you for reinforcing, though.

    2. I forgot to mention... I have wine should you need it. :-)

  2. well I'll bet that what he was itching to do all along

  3. Good Lord, do you think perhaps Oliver and Joe could possibly have been separated at birth? I swear to God, I am about to hire a homework tutor type person.

    I know his issues, I know much of it is out of his control but one of us will not survive and it probably will be me. Full blown asthma attack after a go around yesterday and he responded by ... finishing the work and playing ever so sweetly and agreeably with the neighborhood kids.

    They do this on purpose you know? Turn us into these stark raving lunatics. I am convinced of it.

  4. My mom and I used to fight over math homework all the time. Nowadays we refer to that time as the "Algebra Wars" and laugh about it. If that's any consolation!

  5. Hmmm looks remarkably like me and mine after our daily battle of Year 3 homework x 2 as he has English homework AND French homework since he's learning in both languages....sigh.

  6. I hate homework. I am even starting to hate school, the relentless forming nature of it. Ugh.



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