Sunday, October 14, 2012


Yes, he caught it and ran. That's the Big O, playing flag football on a golden evening in Los Angeles. I've said it before, but despite my own complete and utter lack of expertise in anything athletic (and interest, I'd add), I've grown and raised two athletes, boys who love to talk and play sports and who get their ya-yas out on the field. And I'll add that it doesn't inspire me to be good at anything athletic, either. I'm happy sitting in one of those chairs that fold up like an umbrella, my face turned toward the sun, grateful for their health and exuberance and abilities.


  1. In this day of sitting in front of a tv and/or computer screen, I especially think it's great when kids are active. Good for their minds as well as their bodies!

  2. That Big O gives you sorry dollars and the next day scores the touchdown?! He rocks. My kids have been roller skating and Sky is now beginning to skateboard.
    Oy. Vey.

  3. Viewing, not doing, is my role as well. Love the autumn glow surrounding the Big O!!


  4. Just goes to show. People are going to find their joy and your sons are finding theirs on the athletic field. And you- watching them- well, you're doing your part. Going to all the games my kids were in was one of my least favorite parts of mothering but I did it. Not that any of them grew up to be athletes. Still. I did it.
    And you are doing it and your boys are fabulous and will continue to be so.

  5. My boy also spends his time on the field - hockey, football(English) and rugby. It was rugby today, which is a form of organised violence as far as I can see. I rather love it though. I also love the utter exhaustion he carries back from a day of tackling and running and the happiness he gets from playing.

    Gorgeous autumnal look, even in California.

  6. i know what you mean. I miss sitting on those sidelines, and the sense in those moments that there was no where else i needed to be.

    enjoy your athletes. it's breathtaking to watch them, isn't it?

  7. Sounds perfect to me! And I am certain that they love knowing you're there watching.

  8. The golden hour .... and it's not the sun making it golden



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