Friday, October 19, 2012

What I think about

when I think about Ms. Chavez.

In all seriousness, I'm loathe to write this letter -- it hangs over me, though, like an obligation, not so much a sword of Damocles, but weighted with all the symbolism I put into it. I've said it before, but I need to go somewhere by myself for a bit, escape to a tropical island, sit on a lounge chair in front of sparkling, clear turquoise water, read several novels, have crazy sex with a kind stranger who then leaves me alone to my books and occasional dips in the water, interspersed with good food and citrusy vodka cocktails.


I guess I'll go and write that letter.

The principal thing in this world is to keep one's soul aloft.
Gustave Flaubert


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, but we can't share the kind stranger. You'll have to have one of your own. And I refuse to go running.

  2. If the thought of writing that letter drags you down, maybe you don't need to write it - or maybe now is not the time.
    Maybe the tropical island is right here, and you can go there in your heart, leaving Ms. Chavez to find her own island. Or you could do the Buddhist type of thing and wish for her to find her own tropical island - is that what a Buddhist might do?
    Maybe you don't have to "right" this particular "wrong" today. Maybe today can be a day of rest and restoration for you. xoxo

  3. Well, I'm pretty sure you know what you need. If I had a magic wand, I would make it happen.
    As to the letter- write it if you want, don't write it if you don't want.
    Life is short. That could apply to the other topic as well.

  4. I'm with Karen, all the way. But I love your get-away fantasy and it would also be the perfect get-away for've somehow tapped into my very own private thoughts....

  5. I would consider where the power sits. If she has it by leaving you seething and vulnerable and nothing will come of a complaint really other than a bit of smug satisfaction I would let it go.
    If you have it and are the much better person then the letter can wait until you come back from the beach. And tuck a few shells in the envelope as she obviously is bitter and petty and perhaps even jealous so why not gloat.

  6. With such letters, I can never keep the outrage going long enough to write them. And that's probably okay. Better to let all the poison seep away and leave Ms. Rita Chavez to her own devices. Now sex with a kind stranger. How much more fun is that to contemplate!

  7. I would like to add Karma is a Bitch & will find Ms Chavez...If she has treated you this way think of all the others she has power tripped on...give it time..~~peace of mind~~

  8. I've been called "kind." I've also been called "strange." Let alone kind of strange ... and hey, I found a new favorite cocktail, a Moscow Mule. Seriously. And, funnily enough, there is something to the mule analogy ...

    (and Heather, we can sneak you along ...)

  9. I suspect that if it is right for you to write the letter, it will happen. A line or feeling will come to you that will compel you to write it. If not, I suggest you start a crowdsource page for your trip to the beach and I predict the coffers will fill up so fast it makes your head spin. I'll be the first to donate. But you'll have to find your own sexy stranger, so maybe before you start the donations rolling you could do some research into which islands support the kind of population (or tourist) you're looking for...

  10. The Flaubert, fizzy lifting drink for deflated grown-ups waiting to encounter the other items on your list. xo

  11. Will provide turquoise water, novels, and citrusy cocktails.

  12. These last several posts have felt like tonglen as literary device. Breathe in: Ms. Chavez enveloped in a cloud of dark heavy humming. Breathe out: sparkling, clear turquoise water, citrusy vodka cocktails and sexy kind strangers. Repeat as needed.

  13. oh my gosh, i seriously just burst out laughing!! that is the funniest image and one liner underneath!!
    Write it when you are ready. Do it justice. There is no time frame hanging over your head. I know you will be writing it more for you than for her (bitches like her never change) so center yourself and do it when its right.

  14. I believe that sometimes in our lives we stumble upon folks with very negative (even sadistic) energy. This energy can be very powerful since it is so unbalanced. It is kind of like walking down the street and stepping in dog poop. Once it is on your shoe it is very difficult to remove the poop and the smell.

    It is very important for spiritual folks to cleanse this kind of negative energy from the spirit quickly, least it may begin to fester.

    The cleansing however, needs to feel good, not stressful. If the letter writing feels good, then write it quickly, take it physically to the post office, and mail it straight away symbolizing a quick return of negative energy. The end result of the letter writing is not important, it is the release of her highly contagious ill will that needs addressing.

    If the letter writing feels too stressful to write, then simply write her name on a piece of paper, state that you are returning her negative energy back to her and burn it (in a safe place of course)

    Burn some sage in your home to cleanse any residual negative energy and think of her and the events no more, rendering her and her actions powerless to effect you, your family and your positive spirits.

    A visit to the beach for a healthy dose of fresh air and positive ions couldn’t hurt any…not to mention the calm, healing energy transferred from the sighting of a few bronzed surfer dudes. Would love to walk with you there! Thinking of you and wishing you peace from Mad Meter Maids from Hell!



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