Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When inspiration doesn't work

Pithy expressions don't work during seizures. They also don't work when Sophie drools excessively, and I have to change her scarf twenty times a day. Inspirational messages mean nothing when the silence between two people doesn't seem bridgeable, when it's 90 degrees in mid-October, the dog has fleas and needs a bath. A long time ago, I held a screaming baby in my arms in an armchair and looked out onto a wintry playground, stories below. Breathing in I calm myself, breathing out I smile, I whispered over and over as I rocked my screaming baby. I pulled this out of an inspiration box today:

Go slowly.

Thict Nhat Hanh


  1. i sure do need those words today. Thank you.

  2. Chop wood. Carry water.

    Peace to you, E.

  3. I wish I could more concretely share the beauty and peace of Lloyd today with you, darling.
    And by the way- we just got our dogs on that flea treatment which they take internally. We are hoping for the best.

  4. Oh Elizabeth. Thinking of you.

  5. I don't know, but I know.
    Love to you.

  6. I don't think pithy expressions ever work. But breathing always does. Sometimes a throat-rattling scream and throwing something as far as you can helps, too. Then more breathing.




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