Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Henry and Sophie, Hilton Head 2010

You could use a bit more faith. Instead
of working hard to clear a path, believe that 
the path before you is already being cleared.

That was my horoscope in today's morning paper, over which I glanced and then paused. I threw up the shackles at the word faith, and then I thought hmmmmmm and wondered if I let go of my current path of worry and doing (Oliver's troubles, Sophie's seizures, filing for guardianship for Sophie and SSI, how and when and whether to go to Vancouver for Sophie's drug, the path is long, seemingly endless) what might happen? Is that a path of sand or boards? Is it clear to the ocean or are those weeds? Who and what is clearing it for me?

I'm giving it a try -- at least for the moment which, I imagine is all we can possibly do.


  1. ...or try the "just do one thing" approach. As in, I will do one thing today, one thing tomorrow ....

  2. I'm a Virgo too. It's hell. Couldn't I have been born under another sign?

  3. That's a hard one to believe. I wish you good and peaceful luck.

  4. reminds me of "Follow your bliss and your guides will appear." Got to have faith.

  5. I'll clear some for you. I think you probably have lots of angels out there who will.

  6. Faith is well and good, but when it comes to clearing trails, i tend to opt for chainsaws, scythes and weed whips. But i'm an Amazon, a cynical one.

  7. I love your horoscope, and what a challenge to faith! Reminds me of "Leap, and the net will appear."

  8. Big surprise, I'm a virgo too:)

    I lack faith. But I'm learning.

  9. Rest while the path is cleared for you. You'll have your shoulder back in the task soon enough. But maybe it's just saying pause, breath, renew. I love you.



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