Thursday, March 14, 2013


Does infinity mean the same thing as endless? Am I alone in wondering why there is endless talk of the new pope's humility because he rides the bus? The hopeful believe in small steps forward, but if the small step goes on endlessly, do things change? The notion of being point one four Catholic, into infinity, endless.


  1. He's still an elderly catholic priest who clings to the past. He tidied his hotel room? Why not?


  2. Oh, boy! Maybe my post on equanimity today was aimed at you ;-).

    There has been a lot of talk of his humility and the novelty of an Argentinean pope, but I can't say I think things will change a whole lot. He is 76, after all, and Argentina is a pretty male-dominated culture. I'm not holding my breath.

    Gorgeous pie, btw!

  3. He hates women, gays, and progress so why is anybody excited about this?

    On the other hand, I do think small steps, ad infinitum, will lead to change. Slowly.

    Mostly I wish I could come over for a slice of pie.

  4. pie is good. i was just painting my kitchen and it occurred to me that i have NO idea why priests are supposed to be celibate. it's probably deliberate ignorance on my part, but really...seems like such a weird contortion of the human spirit in the name of spirituality.
    so, anyway: what kind of pie is that?

  5. He rides the bus? Dear god. Is this how we decide how well someone can lead?

    I literally shake with anger at the whole thing. Here in Canada native boys and girls were taken from their homes and sexually assaulted. They were also physically, emotionally and spiritually abused. But the new pope rides the bus? Fuck that.

    Either put a woman in there or liquidate that whole thing.

  6. yes. Small changes are necessary and taken together lead to big changes.

    It is a huge change for a church that operates on a glacial time clock. A non european, a jesuit (who were at one time banned from the church. Take heart. It won't be in our lifetime, but things will change.

    The fact that he took the bus and tidied his room are not, of course, the reasons for choosing him -- and WE did not choose him -- but they are signs of a humble man, and in humility many changes are possible.

    Hope springs eternal.

  7. Okay, Elizabeth, I haven't commented in a while, and this isn't at all relevant to this post, but I just watched a Today Show interview with Emily Rapp, whose son Ronan died of Tay Sachs, and I was both enraged and sickened by the tone, the rhetoric of "How can you be so strong?" and "Ronan was an angel" that the interviewer kept throwing at Emily Rapp. I think the "How can you be so strong?" question is inherently offensive, because it presumes that only someone exceptionally strong or superhuman could handle a loved one who has a disability. In fact, you just do what you have to do. You love your child (or partner or parent or friend) and you do what you have to do, right?

    I suspect you have a blog post on this--could you point me to it?

    Or am I just totally off base?

  8. I think he might be a slight step forward. But so slight that most of us non-Catholics will not perceive any sort of change.

  9. .14 and so on? reserve that for the universe - this is surely a man of this planet - just like all the others before him

    I missed pie day again - dang it

  10. The thing that disturbs me in this new pope is that he talks of the devil so much. I wish LOVE were upfront in his brain/heart...



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