Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and a Sibling Story, in the Vein of Jesus Wept

We decorated.

We glared.
(at our brother while coloring eggs)

We threw.
(our brother's shoe, where it miraculously wrapped around a branch and got stuck)

We yelled.
(to get that shoe out of the tree, immediately)

We tried.
(over and over with a basketball, to get the shoe out of the tree)

It stuck.
(the basketball, miraculously, in a fork of the tree, above the shoe)

We climbed.
 (the tree) 

We screamed.
(the mother did, while the boy climbed)

We retreated.
(The mother went inside)

We succeeded.
(We defied gravity, used an orange picker)

(He looked, despite the shenanigans)


  1. Easter Miracles!
    (Your sons and their shenanigans.)

  2. He is incredibly beautiful. And good for his mother, knowing when to retreat and let the brothers write the ending to their sibling story. Happy Easter to you and your chickadees!

  3. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family.

  4. hahahhahha! Love this Easter story!

  5. He looks so innocent.

  6. Love raising these kids, don't we? Your children are so beautiful and your real love and authenticity as you raise them helps me keep my perspective. Have a wonderful Easter and remember baseball season is here so we can watch our cute sons in those stuff!
    Take good care,

  7. We loved.

    (The post, the boys, all of you from afar)

  8. He climbed that tree?! Good grief. This was hilarious. Ah, brotherly mischief.

  9. I need to borrow that boy. We have a dog collar that has been suspended in a tree since the week we moved in to this house. Despite our best efforts with various balls, rakes, and other projectiles, not to mention winter windstorms, it remains there. Fancy a trip to Seattle?

  10. That ball DID NOT land in that tree? Amazing!

  11. LOL!! You gotta be kidding me with that basket ball getting stuck!



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