Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Santa Monica Pier, Costumes and Carnivals

I know it's freezing in much of the country, but here in southern California, it's decidedly spring, cloudy in the morning and clearing to a glorious blue in the afternoon. The boys are sleeping in every morning, their laundry is done with the only error being two ink pens found in the washer, thankfully not broken open, and the red-buds are blooming over the winter's roses. We went to the pier yesterday in Santa Monica, and I shot the above photo of Henry in front of the ferris wheel. Carnivals lend themselves to easy art, but I've already grown tired of conjecturing how the Men and Women in Robes will decide the gay marriage case, enervated by the spectacle of some of the Men in Robes equating marriage with procreation or as having the novelty of the cell phone or the internet. It's difficult to take seriously those who put on costumes to do their job, no matter their beliefs (I have the same trouble with the supposedly holy Cardinals in Robes in Rome) and while I've a fantasy of ordering a chauffeur's costume to finish out the job of mothering over the next decade or so, I prefer to be naked.

What are you up to today in your corner of the world?


  1. I love those curls! So glad Spring Break has brought spring-like weather to you all.

    Have a lovely rest of your week!

  2. We are playing at my house today. Two boys and it's a carnival wherever they are. Trust me. Ah. But you know.

  3. The carnival is photogenic, but so are your kids :)
    Sounds like a fun time - our spring break is next week

    What am I up to today? Still lifting myself off the pavement from last wwek's hell week. And yesterday, a trip to the pediatric cardiologist (and thinking the whole time about the families who NEED to see these kind of super specialists - like neurologists) ... End result, the kid has a good heart. Every mom knows that though.

  4. Your buddy Yeats traded in his cloak embroidered with old mythologies.

  5. great photo!

    we, too, are getting spring weather. I spent the late afternoon at a rally at the Federal Court house for marriage equality. It was invigorating! Young and old, black, white and everything in between, an elderly fellow with a long white beard in a wheelchair sporting his rainbow shirt. Just having fun and raising a little hell.

  6. Love your blog and nominated you here for a Versatile Blogger Award:

  7. what am i up to? thinking of you, listening to a coughing, screeching kid, waking up at 4:30, giving suppositories, grouching, loving your posts, advocating for marriage equality and thinking of the sunny skies of california while i watch the last bits of snow melt into the earth.

  8. Working sun up to sun set and needing a vacation.



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