Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am wondering whether you

would rather see the pile of papers in my filing box, papers that I need to go through and make sense of, insurance claims, etc., that reach all the way up to suicidal Virginia Woolf's nose:


see what I made myself for lunch today, smoked lemon pepper salmon with cream cheese on a toasted bagel, positioned in front of hydrangeas and roses?


listen to the poet Frank O'Hara read An Airplane Whistle (after Heine) which is not from his collection titled Lunch Poems.


  1. I'm just glad I don't really have to make the choice.

  2. This too shall pass...and when you get done wanting to throttle me for saying that, be glad its not worse...

  3. lunch, yes, because of the salmon. and the flowers. the poet looks out of sorts, or ultra self-conscious.

  4. Lunch, definitely, although it's nice to know there are others who have stacks of paperwork on their desks like mine. And that blue basket - oh, the color!

  5. I dig the lunch photo, but mostly because we can see your reflection in the vase. :)

    Definitely NOT the insurance papers.

    Did you know Frank O'Hara died when he was run over on a beach?

  6. Ill take box no 1 and help you whittle down that pile of papers then we can remove the stones from Virginas pockets fashion her a sail out of a diner napkin and a coffee stirrer and sail her around in a puddle unharmed.
    Rebecca typos and lack of punctuation thanks to Kindle

  7. I love the aqua (never mind what's inside it) ... your lunch is divine ... and Frank OHara's voice is oh so comfortable - I could listen to it all day

  8. I have the same World Market basket in green (chartreuse, even), and it too is filled with things that make me feel uncomfortable and sits in front of a bulletin board full of photos and trinkets that make me feel happy. Maybe the happy one will balance out the unhappy thing. Maybe the cheerful color of the basket will bleed onto the uncomfortable papers. Gosh! I've missed visiting your, Mary Moon, and Angella's worlds. So glad school is out for the summer. xooxoxo

  9. (have just posted a pic on instagram and tagged you so you can see)

  10. I'd rather EAT the bagel & salmon! :)



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