Friday, May 3, 2013

My National Treasures

Oliver declared today "Casual Friday" and chose to wear the above fancy shirt and musical tie. I love the random photo that I took, the light and dark line on his face because that's the way he is. Light and dark and utterly random.

Humor me while I wax praise on my children.

Here is Henry, glorious in a pink shirt:

So damn cute, right?

And here is the usual state of affairs in our car in the morning. The soundtrack is from Henry's iPhone which this morning included Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline, about whom Henry asked Do you know this song, Mom? I refrained (as always) from rolling my eyeballs back into my head and answered that I did indeed know it, and that I had actually gone to see Neil Diamond in concert back in 1943. Henry then informed me that the song is popular at baseball games, particularly in Boston, and I nodded my head and pretended to be interested. But I digress. Here is the usual state of affairs (minus "Casual Friday" fancy shirts). It starts like this:

Within moments, it becomes this:

And then this (hands, touchin' hands)

And perhaps this (reachin' out, touchin' me, touching you)

And finally this (Neil Diamond is completely shut out by the shouting):

Thank the good lord above they're so good-looking.


  1. And they are. So very, very good-looking.
    I believe I may have seen Neil Diamond in 1902.
    Nah, not really. I never really liked him. Even in the olden days.

  2. I love everything about this post. Love the picture of Oliver looking like the coolest kid ever, love the pics of Henry in his pink shirt, looking like a man becoming, just a minute more and he will be there. And yes, they are sooo good looking, but I also love that they are just like siblings should be, the laughs and teasing, the pushing back, they are bonding big time. Honestly, I think the movies are calling to Henry. He is so matinee idol handsome. I've said it before, but it bears repeating. And please please wax praise on your kids all you want, mama. You have wonderful, insightful, imaginative light-filled kids. I never tire of hearing about them!

  3. I drove by your house this morning and saw Oliver taking out the garbage in his nice shirt. He gave a little wave and I commented to Eli that Oliver is adorable. Eli replied that I had failed to notice Oliver's father in his underwear.

  4. I guarantee you we were at the same Neil Diamond concert back in 1943. My best friend's mom loved him (loved his ass, specifically) and dragged us to many a "Neil Diamond in the Round" at the Omni. Eventually we learned to appreciate his music (and of course his buns, too). And please tell me that your kids fight incessantly about who gets to sit in the front?

  5. I just might lose my ever living mind with the incessant touching and taunting and bickering. I really might.

    But you seem to still be relatively sane, so I guess I will hang in there. the girls just did not do this.

    Your boys are simply adorable. Good thing for them, I am sure. And I continue to have a soft spot in my heart for Oliver. Just something about that boy.

    Sidenote: Not sure what it is but for the last few months maybe, I type a comment, get almost done and the page advances and it is lost in cyber space and I try to duplicate the first. Which never happens. Not sure if it is my end or yours or if anyone else has the same issue. Just thought I would mention it.

  6. I lack certain social graces so I'm just gonna say it: I want your sons to be my sons.

    My girls bicker constantly. As I typed this, in fact, something was thrown and someone is crying. My husband and his five siblings (brothers and sisters) beat on each other in this manner constantly, to this day. So I guess it's just the way of things.

  7. Oh, this post made me laugh. I don't remember my girls fighting in the car with each other. Or maybe it is like childbirth - those painful memories have faded away with time.

    I do, however, remember them fighting with me.

  8. I loved this - it made me smile (and I needed a smile after a week that has included, among other things, my mother-in-law being hospitalized for digoxin poisoning and nearly dying. She's better now, but not out of the hospital yet.) So I just took a moment to pop in, and that photo of Oliver instantly made me smile. (Great photo, by the way.)

  9. Love that song. Love your writing. And, cute boys!

  10. That looks like every car ride I ever took with my brother.

    One of my earliest memories is riding with my mom in the car, home from kindergarten, with "Sweet Caroline" on the radio. I'm glad others are having a similar experience!

  11. My two older ones were the same. Endless fighting. Now they get along, thank goodness:)

  12. Cute cute cuties. I love these boys.

  13. We say that to Wil all the time, "It's a good thing you're cute!" And your boys are SUPER cute!!!

  14. LOL! Oh, to have BOYS!!! and yes, they are handsome devils!! :)



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