Monday, May 20, 2013

New Week, Old Profession

So, I went through my downloaded files on my computer last night and found the above photo, doctored by a dear friend and sent to me a while back. While I normally associate more with the nerdy Marcy and less the bitchy Lucy, her persona is going to work for me this week as I ratchet up the cake business again and look assertively for a job. I have an appointment to go to a pharmacy to procure some medical marijuana this week, too, so I'll be on the other side of the consult table as well. Things are slowing down here, in Los Angeles, and temperatures are heating up. We're in the last weeks before school is out for the summer, and nerves are frayed. Last night, I received one of those goofy angel/God chain emails and actually passed it along to ten of my friends. I'm waiting for the fifth friend to pass it back to me so that someone I love will quietly surprise me. Last night, God is going to fix two BIG things in your favor, so who knows what the day will bring?


  1. Here's hoping it brings auspicious beginnings. Can't wait to hear about the medical marijuana consult.

  2. I can't decide whether I am thrilled or hurt that you did not pass the chain letter on to me.
    Oh wait. I decided.
    Still, I hope that it works in some mysterious and wonderful way.

  3. While not a fan of chain letters, I hope you do get at least two things in your favor...actually more.

  4. Oh yeah, I'd say this is definitely responsible for your subsequent Tiffany surprise. :)



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