Friday, May 24, 2013

Yakety Yak

Me and my yak

Have you ever had one of those days where you talked and talked and talked, so much that it was too much? I had one of those days, and while every conversation was a good and deep one, I'm talked out. Today I talked about my children and I talked about medical marijuana. I talked about dyslexia and I talked about gratitude. I talked about how difficult it is to receive things gracefully. I talked about marriage and I talked about divorce. I talked about turning fifty years old, and I talked about losing weight. I talked about the books I'm reading and the jobs I'm looking for. I talked about advocacy for children with special healthcare needs, and I talked about my family. I talked about others and I talked about myself. The only thing I didn't talk about was drinking.

That's why I'm grateful to my baby sister Jennifer for directing me to this website called Thug Kitchen and this particular post. If you're at all offended by cursing, avoid it. Otherwise, have fun.

Now I'm going to stop talking and go make myself a Blackberry Bourbon Fizz.

Then I'm going to chill the  ------ out.


  1. Good fucking idea! I just might join you!

  2. I didn't exactly talk today as much as I bitched today. In fact I WAS a bitch today.

    I'd so love to chill the fuck out but there are littles to be cared for and husbands that are not home until very late.

    So it's time for me to be told to suck it up buttercup and move on from the happenings of the day.

    I fully intend to pour myself something later, when all is quiet.

    Love to you my dear friend.

  3. I'm saving that recipe for when I need it!

    I want a yak. How do I get a yak?

  4. Yes, I have had days (and even months maybe?) where I seem to do nothing but talk...blah, blah, blah, making me so tired and bored with myself.
    P.s. I am having some major blog troubles and believe your latest comments were somehow lost. I did read your words however, and thank you for your friendship and solidarity xo!

  5. Love that blog. Hope you had a good fucking drink!

  6. I literally laughed out loud and not just for a second, when I read that last line. I raise my glass to you and encourage you to do more of the latter and less of the former. I am so ready for a sensory deprivation tank, and pure silence.

  7. Oh, Elizabeth! I'm still laughing. Little low chuckles that make my stomach jiggle. I'm sorry you had a yakking bad day, and I wish you lots of silence - if you can figure out how to get it - and a few of those fucking funny delicious treats from that blog site that cracks me up. Jeeze! Love it. Love you!

  8. cheers, Elizabeth! I like that you always know what to do :)



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