Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How I look when I'm on hold with Anthem Blue Cross

I'll blame the jowls on them, too

and the dark circles.

Yesterday's joust with the most loathed company in America came about because I wasn't properly reimbursed for Oliver's recent twelve year old check-up. Evidently, the doctor had checked off the Age Range 12-17 box on the diagnostic code list, and the Date of Service was May 9, 2013 which made Oliver 14 hours younger than Age 12 (he turned twelve on May 10th) and therefore not reimbursable because he was STILL ELEVEN AND NOT YET TWELVE. Got that?

I'm not kidding you, folks.

After that phone call, my jowls hit my cleavage, and there they swing.


  1. Anthem is going to block your number. They are no match for you, woman.

  2. Oh my God...Another stellar example of what happens when a country's healthcare is placed in the hands of the insurance companies...

  3. Good grief.... they are a bunch of butts, or poopyheads.

  4. This past week my husband was on the phone with our insurance company trying to gets some meds ordered and I heard him screeching into the phone: What do you mean it costs a thousand dollars a month now? We've ordered that medicine for years and it has always cost $150 a month!

    My husband and I take turns dealing with insurance companies. We have no set schedule, it just depends on who is feeling the most emotionally stable. I have a feeling the next insurance phone call will be mine.

  5. Holy stink bomb, Batman! That's insane.

  6. The evil that is an insurance company....

    When my son, at age 22, had a heart attack, Regence initially denied him benefits because he didn't schedule the hospital visit.

    Guess what: I won.


  7. Well damn. Is there not a brain among them? Glad humor isnt beyond you.

  8. Un-F'ing-believable.
    remind me NEVER to use Anthem Blue cross!!

  9. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

  10. they must have a whole slew of people just waiting to find something so they don't have to pay! I have BC and I THINK I have a free eye exam but I know it won't turn out that way so I just don't go...

  11. It actually isn't as insidious as evil humans running the show, it's the computers making the payment decisions that have no ability to discern when something is 'close enough' to pay. The insurance execs set it up that way because they figure most people don't have the time or bandwidth to call and complain, so they won't fight it and then the insurance company gets away without paying. For those folks who do call, like you, you first have to get past the armies of barely-educated minions who have no power to actually make payment decisions before you get to someone who can reverse the decision a computer made. And some people think our health care system is the best in the world. HA!

  12. Well, I have to disagree with that a bit..."It actually isn't as insidious as evil humans running the show" is not entirely true. While you are right about a lot of the other stuff (someone I am close to has been working on the medical side of case management for insurance companies for years and seen some of the evil from the inside out), especially that part about how computers are actually programmed to reject certain things outright.

    But evil humans ARE running the show. They set the machines up. Someone has to CREATE the Cylons before they can rebel.

    And by the way, I really didn't read much about the post, all I saw was cleavage. And I was too dizzy after that to read. I think I saw a mention of Jaws? Good film.

  13. Monsanto is a source of true evil in the world, and if these guys don't watch out they'll make my list as well.

  14. Insanity.

    It has been awhile since I caught up on your blog. Those boys...congrats to Henry on graduation.
    And the Big O on the one big win. And yes, you are using baseball terminology quite well. You and me sister.



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