Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14, 1995

Sophie was diagnosed with infantile spasms on this day, nineteen years ago.

I'm not much a one for "anniversaries" -- all that "never forget" blather.

We really don't ever forget, do we?

It's been a long, freaking ride.


Ms. Moon said...

No. We do not forget and our bodies remember if we do not.
What a long, strange trip it's been?
How I wish I could hug you, give tribute to the nineteen years of this reality.
It is amazing how Sophie has changed in the last few months. You are both so beautiful.

37paddington said...

The change in Sophie is so apparent. How lovely is this mother-daughter portrait. The eyes. Those eyes.

karin said...

thinking of you on this anniversary, this before&after date in your life, in sophie's. wishing you both peace, healing, many blessings.

michelle said... have the same eyes

michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

These photos you've been taking of you and Sophie are beautiful.

lily cedar said...

What Ms. Moon said, Sophie has changed, she seems much more present and aware. I'm so glad.

Alicia D said...

I was just reading the other day about that day, in your book. Im loving it so far. It's amazing how much more deeply I am getting to know your story through the book. It confirms what we all should know, but often forget. A "blog" only scratches the surface and shows what we want to share.

gorgeous photo of a gorgeous mother and daughter :)


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