Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tumblr -- and there's no "e"

If you're bored, check out my Tumblr account -- I'm having such a good time putting things up there. I highly recommend opening one and using that space for all those photos and quotes and videos and such that you might want to remember. It's simple to do so and easy to streamline, maybe a time suck but maybe not. You can follow as many or as few people as you'd like. I'm not really using it as social media per se -- more as a place to curate things that I like or things that inspire me or things that amuse me. I'm probably woefully out of date and touch with this, but I don't care.

Here's the link to mine:


  1. That's a damn good site Elizabeth! I am a big fan of Peteski's "This Isn't Happiness" and this is much like it, only even more along my personal sensibilities. A woman's touch, so to speak. Keep going!

  2. I have a Tumblr account too, for my photos. I'm a bit ambivalent about it, but I keep it going (at least for now!).

  3. It's a bit amazing how many things you and I share as being attracted to, finding worth remembering. Since you are doing it, I don't have to. Thank you.

  4. Oh great! Another thing I have to do now. Elizabeth, you're always getting me into trouble and when my mother finds out, she won't let me play with you anymore. Now I have to go find stuff for my new Tumblr (no e) account. Sheesh! And of course I want mine to look like yours because yours is so cool. Ms. Moon has the right idea!
    love you anyway,



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