Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day and the Night Before

Pi reminds us that the universe is what it is,
that it doesn't subscribe to our ideas
of mathematical convenience.

Manil Suri

I don't know much about mathematics other than the usual math facts that I learned a thousand years ago. I don't even much care about mathematics which I'm sure stems from that early learning, when girls like me were thought to be "bad at math." I appreciate its importance, though, and for a moment, every now and then, I get it. Understanding math, even its most sophisticated abstractions, is sort of like feeling fish swimming around your brain and then, every now and then, grabbing one even for a moment before it slips from your grasp and swims on.

My sister and niece are visiting us this weekend from their home in St. Louis. Yesterday, they joined us for SUP Friday in Redondo Beach, and afterward, we went to a beach shack and ate some lunch before heading home.

That's a picture of a guy with a man bun towing his tow-headed little boy on a mini-surfboard. #IloveCalifornia

Later, we drove up to Griffith Park Observatory and watched the sun set. 

Then we sat in the car up there for an hour playing silly car games while we waited for it to get completely dark. Tomorrow is the Los Angeles Marathon, and the route is from downtown to the sea. To mark the route, the city arranged for enormous lights at each mile, and last night they lit them for the first time. Hundreds of people were up at the observatory to see them lit, and while it wasn't as dramatic as we'd thought, there's still something very cool about seeing the famous skyline, the snow-topped mountains in the distance, the ocean far to the west and this enormous city lit up below you.

None of my photos really came out, but here's one from the Los Angeles Times:

photographer: Robert Gauthier


  1. Isn't it such a goodness that each of us lives in a place we find beauty and energy and inspiration? Two such different places and yet, I have come to love that place where you live and thrive.
    Those children. I am smiling.
    Love and light. Thanks.

  2. i wish i had spent the day and the night with you, eee. i miss you and california. lets talk soon. xoxoox

  3. The lights are an interesting idea, though I always imagine Hollywood with giant Klieg lights sweeping the sky, like it's a routine thing. Maybe it's not.

  4. How fine that you and your children, wider family, take the time to soak in the wonders of LA, which makes me think of the quote from L.P. Hartley's THE GO-BETWEEN: " The past (or LA) is a foreign country. They do things differently there." xo



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