Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Paper Flowers

I sit every morning now at my computer with the sound of heavy machinery, including drills, in the background as the workers continue to construct the latest McMansion in the neighborhood. Today, my spark came from a Martha Stewart email in my inbox, instructions on how to construct paper flowers, and I'm compelled to wonder what a life would be like doing so -- stopping, if not to smell them, than to cut and fold and twist into shape, not unlike those guys behind me who are basically just doing their job, not destroying the neighborhood. I haven't felt particularly inspired of late -- too busy with the ghostwriting project, homeschooling and dealing with the unbloggable. I'd like to get back into it, though, wade through paper flowers and machinery and build something of my own.


  1. Look on the bright side. All of those McMansions have probably increased the value of your home in the hood at least threefold. You can sell it and have enough money to stop and smell the roses!

  2. Oh, the unbloggable. Gah. I can't imagine building anything right now myself. But I could see you building an empire. xo See you soon.

  3. You are a wonder. I love how you listen to your heart's longing and I hope that you will soon find something that is yours to create. When you do, I am certain it will be beautiful. Love.



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