Thursday, May 7, 2015

Poetry and Rain

In essential things, unity; in nonessential things, liberty. 
In all things compassion.
Luis J. Rodriguez

That's Luis J. Rodriguez, the Poet Laureate of Los Angeles. I attended a wonderful evening of poetry this evening at my neighborhood bookstore, Chevalier's. I wasn't familiar with Rodriguez, but now I am, and I had the distinct sense that he is beloved. His poetry was funny and startling and made me glad to live in this town. Suzanne Lummis and Nicelle Davis read and performed as well, and there was laughter and wryness and deep sighs. Being at our little bookstore with so many people who love poetry right here in the city of angels made me glad. Glad. What a weird, muscular word.

It's raining.


  1. Worlds are colliding. A good friend of mine from the Whidbey Writers Workshop was there last night, too - Stephanie Barbe Hammer. Lovely lady and fabulous writer. Glad you got out for the night. x0 N2

  2. That quote is wonderful - I must make it my motto for living.

  3. Sounds like a creatively invigorating evening. That quote is everything.

  4. Just goes to show- you can live somewhere forever and suddenly realize you have not begun to plumb the depths of it.

  5. Sustenance for the earth and for the soul.

  6. Don't you just love your local, independent bookstores? I am grateful for Liberty Bay Books and Eagle Harbor Books!



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