Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Waxing Gratitude (with profanity)


I kind of winced around all day because of my previous post where I used the f word and waxed righteous about a woman's right to have an abortion. I was responding to the Reverend Promise Dixon's righteousness, but everyone knows that you shouldn't talk about abortion or anything else that so polarizes people because there's just no end to it all. No end to it at all. I've been trying to be still in my heart these days, to not jump down throats or to stir up controversy or to mouth off like I am accustomed and, dare I say it, quite good at doing.

We often stir things up that are unrelated to us when we're facing difficult issues in our personal lives as I am. So, I'm going to be popping in and out of here, periodically mouthing off but probably more likely waxing my gratitude for my community and friends and family.

The Reverend Promise Dixon can still go f*^k himself.

*I posted that photo of Sophie on Facebook and just had an enormous amount of love sent my way, so forgive me, Facebookers, for double-posting it here as well.


  1. A delicate little Buddha.

    The gratitude is mutual.

  2. When I see a post from you, my heart jumps, just a little. I so adore that mind and spirit of yours. And also, I like you very much.

  3. What a beautiful Soph photo. As for the Reverend Promise-there will always be fools in the world.

    XXX Beth

  4. I could look at that picture all day long. And I love your feet.

  5. When I scrolled down to read the reverend it actually made me laugh, it was so ridiculous.

    Beautiful Sophie really does look like a Buddha here.

  6. Sending love and peace. (BTW, I like your writing retreat idea, with Kario. Get on that.)

  7. Your family members all have such classic renaissance beauty. If i had an easel and paints I would be moved to try and paint that portrait of Sophie, her particular attention to the patterns of light, her exquisite profile.

  8. That second paragraph. That is the shit. You are a wonder. Sending love and light your way always.



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