Thursday, March 17, 2016

Take a Shower and Let Me Share Two Things

Whew. That was intense, no?

Last night, Oliver and I drove up the 101 in my new car to watch Henry play lacrosse. Did I mention that I have a new car? I traded in my Sexy White Mazda for a smaller, sportier Smokin' Hot Blue Mazda. It has a particularly good sound system that Oliver quite ably hooked our iPhones up to, and while we whiled (can I say that) in the tremendous traffic of the shitty, I demanded some Rolling Stones. Specifically Sweet Virginia, perhaps one of my favorite Stones hits. Did I mention that I love to sing anywhere on this little old blog? If not, I love to sing, and I really, really love to sing Sweet Virginia, right after that incredible plaintive harmonica turns into drums and then -- oh, Mick. Little did I know last night the storm that would be unleashed by Tina the Pharma Rep in the morning, but I think it might have been prescient that I belted out the lines with the profanity with especial vigor. I'm not talking about tryin' to stop the waves behind your eyeballs, either. After all, Oliver is nearly fifteen and needs to know that it's quite all right to scrape that shit right off your shoes.


Henry won the game and even scored a goal (he plays long stick defense and rarely gets the chance)! I acted like a woman possessed and even stomped my feet on the metal bleachers and screamed his name! I am so proud of him and the man he's becoming. Honestly, how lucky am I?

Here are the two things I wanted to share:

  1. My second interview is up on It's with my dear friend and cohort, Allison Ray Benavides. If I weren't differently inclined, I'd be the Alice to her Gertrude. Please check out the interview and leave a comment. Poke around and read some other  articles -- all written by a terrific bunch of people. Give that site some traffic so I can continue to earn my keep.
  2. I am going to see Bruce Springsteen tonight. Yeah. How about that?


  1. Rob is so jealous, Alice. And Gertrude loves you.

  2. Singing and lacrosse are two of my favorites. I can rainbow the ball pretty good with the guys' long defensive sticks, but score with one? Ha!

    I feel with this political season, especially, i could use a few more of those showers.

  3. Absolutely perfect recovery from Tina Turk! I also *LOVE* this song and always crank it up and sing along. Thank you for your sweet and bitter fruits Elizabeth.

  4. I love the image of you and Oliver winging your way down the road listening to the Stones. And I love the idea of you stomping your feet and hollering Henry's name at the game. What a mom you are. What lucky boys you have.

    Hope the evening with Springsteen successfully washed away all traces of the troll-like TT. Those nights of music that hearkens back to earlier days, that conjures up the muscle memory of excitement and the thrill of live music in a venue with hundreds of other people who love it, too.



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