Friday, July 6, 2018

Who Lives Like This?! Podcast (with no "f*^ks" given)

Ted Lyde

Something about the word fuck and Facebook and algorithms and something something something, but we had to change the name of the podcast to Who Lives Like This?!! which is, actually, the original question screamed by young Oliver back in the day. Since we took the word fuck out of the title, though, our Facebook visits have multiplied considerably, so I guess we've succumbed to hive mind/Big Brother Facebook or whatever epithets you want to hurl at social media. Social media. It can be immensely good, you know, connecting those who ordinarily couldn't connect. So spare me how much you hate Facebook -- it's provided an immense service to many people in the disability world.

Just don't say fuck.

This week's podcast is a conversation with comedian Ted Lyde. Ted is hilarious. Some of you might remember him recording a conversation with me on his own podcast which is, ironically, called Learning Not to Swear.  He's a sweet man, too, and a devoted father to his two children, one of whom has special healthcare needs. Fathers of children with disabilities are so rarely applauded or even discussed, but Jason and I intend to talk to many of them. Ted spoke of his devotion to his family and to what it means to sacrifice one's personal needs and or dreams. The conversation was so stimulating for me because it was two fathers talking. I was surprised -- to tell you the truth -- surprised by their candor and the ease they had in expressing their vulnerabilities. I'll wager that caregiving in general is the great equalizer as far as breaking you down and forcing you to come to terms with who you are and who you want to be.

It's good stuff, as the young ones say. Or maybe that's the old ones.

Please listen to the podcast, subscribe to it, read our blog, check out the growing list of resources, share the info, review us on iTunes and do your thing on social media. We're not making money (at least, yet) with this podcast, but we are building a community. We're talking, crying and laughing together. We need you to join us, whether you have a child with disability or not. You will probably become a caregiver one day or be cared for yourself --

Here's the link to the website. From there you can access the podcast either through iTunes or SoundCloud.

Thank you for helping us to share Who Lives Like This?!


  1. I'm a podcast virgin. You're my first:)

  2. I hate Facebook except I love it. Do you understand what I mean? Today I asked a question on a Sewing group and about 25 people answered in less than minutes. Problem solved!

    I thought I already had you as a friend on Facebook and now I see I don’t. Yeah. I quit Facebook and now I am back. I just followed your group. :-)

  3. What a great Interview, to hear from a Caregiver Father's {Male} perspective was refreshing, since most full time Caregivers I happen to know personally are Women. I Love that image of he and his Son!

  4. PS: Even tho' many of my Caregiver Friends are Caring for Spouses or Aging Parents, I have still Shared your Podcast details with them since I think it can still uplift and support any within the Caregiver Community.

  5. I loved this, Elizabeth. Thank you for bringing this family into my world.



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