Friday, December 31, 2010

and you thought the Gingerbread Stomp was some end-of-year weirdness and UPDATE***

WEIRDNESS UPDATE: Now we're nearing 2,000 hits for the "funny church signs" post. I was so dreading the end of year wrap up that all "good" bloggers seem to do. I think this is my answer from the universe. I'm not having any end of the year resolutions, look-backs, look-forwards, etc. (maybe Single Dad, if he's reading this, could make me a personalized funny church sign?)

HAPPY NEW YEAR you thousands of readers!

photo courtesy of my old friend Mary Angel who sent this to me years ago!

I just checked the stats on my blog and saw over a thousand hits which is basically more than double what I generally get by this time of day -- maybe even triple.

What the heck?

Well, when I checked keyword analysis there were literally hundreds of queries for Funny Church Signs from, and I have a post from earlier in the year with a photo of a funny church sign. The title of the post is Saturday Swearing on Sunday Night.

These internets are strange, right? Too bad every click didn't bring me a dollar.


  1. Yeah. Indeed. And too bad body piercing can't save everyone's life. Damn.

  2. Heehee.

    Warm and woolly wishes for 2011, to you and yours, Elizabeth! xx

  3. hehehe, and you will get another ton now for this post properly. I posted a few days back about the weird search terms that led to my blog, some of them were hilarious and some were a bit strange. gotta love the stats!! Jen

  4. "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and it's domain" sung from words some accented awomen occasional on purpose singingly out of harmony sounding like a palen

  5. Ha! That's a great sign! My mom has a picture of one on her fridge that says "Don't let your worries kill you. Let the church help."

    Happy New Year, my friend! xo

  6. Great sign. Strange world. I haven't noticed too many 'wrap ups' of the old year, Elizabeth and I've been paying attention. Thanks for this.

  7. whatever gets them in the door in both cases I guess. Ha!

  8. My ears are pierced does that count? ( I have to say as a bible thumper signs like this make me a little coo coo)