Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lincoln, Medical Marijuana and Gun Control

This morning, I announced at the breakfast table as The Husband took the plastic wrap off the newspaper and separated the wheat from the chaff as he does every morning in a nearly ritualistic manner, In the second week of the New Year I'm going to visit a medical marijuana place and buy Sophie some liquid marijuana.

Oliver, wearing The Husband's reading glasses, pounded his fist on the table and said, Do it! Just do it right now, woman!

I said, I will! During the second week of the New Year!

Oliver said, NO! NOW! Like Lincoln said NOW!

The Husband said, NOW! Like Obama should do something NOW about gun control. NOW! (I should add that The Husband is a sharp shooter from Switzerland, where every man is issued a gun and ammunition but where gun control is of the strictest order and where healthcare is equal and whose people have been listed as some of the most content and happy in the world but whose snow and cold makes me hesitant to just up and move).

On the eve of Christmas Eve, I'm thinking NOW.


  1. I am eating cookies now. Again.

    I love this post. I love the image of Oliver calling you "woman," wearing his papa's glasses.
    And now is as good a time as any. For cookie eating or gun control or...whatever.

  2. Oliver kicks ass and so does his mama.

  3. Me too! MA just passed medical marijuana and an oral-mucosal spray, Sativex, which is high in CBD is before the FDA for approval; supposedly effective in spasticity in upper motor neuron issues..I'm in line for Adam; could be a godsend!...or some kind of send!

  4. If not NOW when...(first Obama has to figure out how he is going to pay back all that NRA money he took so he can put gun control back on the table...or as they are calling it now "gun violence"
    One thing I learned about medical marijuana when my dad passed away from cancer last year...Hospice was willing to give it to us though my dad thought that was kind of weird so we didn't...though I wanted to..ha! Anyway..make sure what you are getting....according to Hospice all different kinds and quality..we are seeing Lincoln this weekend...can't wait!

  5. i love your family. i love the dynamic around your breakfast table. and i'm all for NOW.

    (and why is blogger eating all my comments lately! trying for the fourth time.)


    wv: haled

  6. Adorable. I love that image of Oliver. Now, woman! Or soon! Either way!

  7. Do it, woman. Now. And I don't mean move to Switzerland.

  8. I have been going against my fellow Christian's beliefs by praying for marijuana to be legalized for some time now! I too, have a daughter who has suffered with uncontrolled seizures for 12 years now!

  9. NOW!
    And Buon Natale and Happy Holidays!

  10. Do it! (Can you get some for me, too, please?) And I love that photo of Oliver in his father's glasses :)