Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Lacrosse season started, and Henry began practice. That's him in the middle.

Sophalofa sophed around in her room, listening to music

I used one of my favorite old cookbooks

and made Chicken with Dumplings

Oliver and I had a genius idea and executed it:

We bought exceptionally beautiful nautical-themed ornaments from my favorite west side store, DH Rhein, and hung them on silvery branches inside a beautiful ceramic vase made by my best friend, Moye.

The ornaments are so gorgeous, but our execution less so. It's always difficult to transfer brilliance from the mind to reality.

Here's Day One of over all Christmas decorating chez us.

And here's our tree, bought by The Husband, Henry and Oliver, dragged in with much squabbling and competition which I ignored because a very wise person recently told me that it's natural for grown men and their boys to compete with one another constantly. O.K.
(Jesus Christ! is what I thought to myself as I bit my knuckles in another room.)

Stay tuned for more execution, hopefully perfect, more squabbling and peace on earth, goodwill amongst men.


  1. 'Tis the season, honey. And frankly, I think your Moye ornaments are delightfully presented.
    Chicken and dumplings. One of our most favorite meals.

  2. It's always difficult to transfer brilliance from the mind to reality. Haha, so true. I love the way dumplings puff up in a pot, don't you?

    I still lust after your pretty blue pot.

  3. I love those ornaments! Especially the octopus. And I think your white-branches-in-vase-with-nautical-themes execution was spot on. Geez, everybody's getting into the decorating -- I'm feeling like a slacker.

  4. I'm cracking up at your husband and boys squabbling. Those ornaments are incredibly gorgeous. I am quite in love with them.

  5. I LOVE that cookbook. I make the chicken pot pie, but have never attempted the chicken and dumplings. And we admired just such an octopus in the store, along with a blue whale, but when we came back the next day, it was gone! I'm glad you caught one.

  6. Ah, Elizabeth, I started to comment on One Day at a Time and poof! it was gone. When I start putting up and taking down posts, I am feeling very insecure about everything, second guessing everything, so i'm hoping this isnt how you're feeling, that you feel on much steadier ground that i have been feeling lately. In any case I was going to comment on this post next, and the big laugh it allowed at that phrase "peace on earth, good will amongst men." I enjoy Oliver and your creative synchronicity, and that photo of Sophie is serene and mystical. Love, Angella

  7. If lacrosse season has begun for you, it is only right around the corner for me. Sigh.
    Love the tree and the decorating and the squabbles. I don't know about men and their sons, but I know in the mother/daughter realm this happens a lot - the competing.

    Those dumplings look divine! It looks like it was a beautiful weekend.

  8. this is just SO perfect. i have been thinking of you an especially lot since AES and even bought a christmas ornament in honor of you and Sophie. but then i realized that why would you want an epilepsy ornament so i am hanging it on my tree and looking for a mermaid for sophie. i even have a whole blog post about his all planned but am waiting to find the perfect ornament, even if it is just a picture and a virtual one. that oliver is something else! the nautical theme is just gorgeous and so perfect. i think this made my day... xoxo

  9. Chicken and dumplings sounds fantastic!

  10. I like the knuckle biting. Too funny.

  11. I am very pleased to see that you Marion Cunningham dumplings look exactly like mine!

    I love your under the sea scene - that is a very cool idea - with beautiful ornaments - wow