Friday, January 16, 2009

What Do You Think He Wished For?

1. I wish for the Lego helicopter and launch pad.
2. I wish that Sophie could talk.
3. I wish that I would listen better.

Amen. So be it.


  1. i'm with him on #2, and #3

  2. Sweet.

    Better than my Oldest (6) - it's always a motorcycle. I haven't told him yet that that will be over my dead body.

    Hate to ruin wishes for him.

  3. I hope he gets all three wishes

  4. After hearing numbers 2 and 3, I wish I could buy him #1.

  5. The Lego thing is already in the mail -- but he actually bought it with a giftcard, and as for #2, hope never dies. #3 is actually the hard one.

  6. I'm glad to catch up on all of your goings-on! What a beautiful picture of Sophie now on the blog heading. I wish so much that we could have had a third child--I was just so afraid to do it.

    Am hoping to be posting more regularly soon. Firing the housekeeper was the right thing to do, but right now, the extra household work is just killing me.

  7. Really special kids .... and mom

  8. amen. so be it.
    such kindness, it's heartwarming.



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