Friday, February 19, 2010

A Still Life, a Life Still

That is the title of a gorgeous blog written by an old friend of mine, Stephanie. Stephanie and her close friend, Susan, learned in the same week that her mother and Susan's father had both been diagnosed with ALS. They call their blog A Still Life, a Life Still, an ALS journal, but it is something far more. It is filled with their intense humanity and spirituality, their joy for their lives and for their families. Their writing is clear and honest and heart-breaking. I urge you to go HERE and be filled with goodness.


  1. I cared for a woman in the advanced stage of ALS in the 1970's. It was an emotionally difficult time. The eyes are alert and watching, the life still there.

  2. As always, you offer up lovely gifts! it is a wonderful blog- however, to subscribe to it the link says I need a wordpress account. I will let your friends know that- adding an rss feed for those of us who use google reader would be great. (unless I'm missing something?).

  3. Ahh Elizabeth,
    You keep on giving! Thanks for the shout-out, and coming from a blogger who writes so much more than a blog, I consider it a high compliment. And thanks to Sesgaia for her suggestion, will do.

    love to you, the mermaid, the husband and the glam boyz,

  4. I loved her Ash Wednesday post. Moving and true. Thanks for the referral.



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