Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Giveaway Reminder and Hopeful Parents

I'm giving you a second chance to win a copy of Bonnie Rough's new memoir Carrier, by scrolling down to the interview I did earlier in the week and commenting either here or there. I'll use randomizer at 12:00 Noon, Pacific Time, and post the winner! It's a fascinating story, written beautifully -- 

In the meantime, I'm over at  Hopeful Parents today. I'd love it if you'd visit me over there!


  1. Here's wishing everyone good luck! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  2. Wow. This book sounds utterly fascinating. My book club will love it. I read your interview, then visited The Blue Suitcase blog. I think I'm going to be a regular reader!

  3. A wonderful sounding book. Good luck to everyone, and a great weekend to you.

  4. I DO wish you good luck, and love and laughter every single day!

    Also, I go over there and read your post. See, I'd follow you everywhere! ;-) ((not in a stalker-way))

    This does sound like such an important book.

  5. I love the title of this book, and the story sounds painful but, based on the interview you posted earlier, full of hope. I also wanted to say that I related to your post about boys and laser tag. Been there, done that, bought the video game! Sigh.

  6. i will follow you anywhere (in a stalker way). especially if i don't win. xoxo m

  7. To witness a seizing child is to know a powerlessness unlike anything else I've experienced.

    That angel is from one of my favorite movies, one I have watched repeatedly over the years hoping to understand...what? I, a profoundly a-religious person, can't even put an understanding to it.

    How did the angels feel as they watched over Berlin? All powerful yet powerless, full of love yet incapable of stopping the tide of invents in a meaningful way...witnesses but not participants. Those wings both a burden and the keys to heaven.

    I carry blessing thoughts for you and your family, Elizabeth. It is not an easy journey.



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