Monday, May 16, 2011

A Riot of Roses and Random Dickinson

Low at my problem bending,
Another problem comes -
Larger than mine - Serener -
Involving statelier sums.

I check my busy pencil,
My figures file away.
Wherefore, my baffled fingers
Thy perplexity?

-- Emily Dickinson c.1859


  1. Gorgeous roses! Hope their beautiful faces are where you can see them cheering for you.

    Didn't post earlier but the latest cake post was amazing. I might need a chocolate fix after seeing the Double Chocolate Cupcakes.

  2. Those flowers are perfect. The colours are gorgeous.

    You must tell me how you went about making the face for the tree! What is it made from and how did you make it stick? Please, please, please tell! I want one for me new home.

  3. Your photographs of flowers are so lovely Elizabeth. I wish I could lean in for a sniff of their fragrance.

    We have a tree face too! Our second one as the first over all the years crumbled away...our new one looks like an old wizard.

  4. Beautiful photos of the roses. I've been snapping pictures of mine all day, inside as it is raining.

    What is that rose with the shaded petals? Lovely.

    x0 N2

  5. Gorgeous! Do they smell wonderful, too?

  6. Beautiful roses!! I'm jealous.

  7. I love the tree whose lips are pursed for a rosy kiss. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! It's a rainy, grey day here and I needed that shot of color.

  8. ah, thank you, I esp love #3.

  9. I think she had the same relationship with math that I do. A complicated one :)

    Your roses are miraculous



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