Monday, June 20, 2011

When your Trader Joe's merchandise speaks to you,

you know you are either going completely insane, or the Universe is abundant. After a harrowing morning of seizures and absent aides, a drop-off at school and a relieved ride home, a call from The Teacher that I'd forgotten to include Sophie's sippee-cup in her lunchbox which would mean no drink all day so I'd have to drive BACK to school, my eyes nearly spilled over (I've felt on the verge of at least a whimper for a week), until I looked down and saw my message on the back of a bag of diced onions (that I'd bought guiltily because, really, how hard is it to buy a whole onion and dice it oneself?).


So I didn't.

The Universe is Abundant.


  1. Now see- I would have screamed curses at the bag and cried all the harder.

  2. if your life was a movie I'd bet Oliver would play the same part, in the same way as Rodney Dangerfield (maybe even under the same name)

    completely unrelated, how would you say "moonwalk" in Frances French?

  3. i don't know whether i would have laughed or cried. maybe both?

  4. Ah yes, the abundant reminders if we can only see them through the tears and steam coming out of our ears. I tore out of school parking lot one day one day and left The Boy's wheelchair behind the car. Next morning the teacher said, "missing something?" The bad thing is I wasn't.

  5. I adore signs from the Universe. My life is full of them but I usually remain quiet, being a strictly rational, non-superstitious person. Rarely are mine so direct as yours from TJ's though. Maybe I should visit them more often to see what messages are waiting.

  6. I love this.

    And you are so right: the universe is indeed abundant, but so often only when we take the time to notice.

  7. Another good reason to shop at trader jose's
    (their packaging is intelligent)
    Funny that their newsletter is the "fearless flyer"
    Just like someone I know ....
    Well almost fearless .... You know, not much of a net for that trapeze you're on ...

  8. Elizabeth, there are tougher situations you have fought through. I look at you as a brave friend...

  9. Love that graphic--we had a rough Monday morning too, with Hubby leaving in a taxi cab for a business trip and then Danny's aid also absent (he did show up later in the day).
    Think on the positive side --last week of school:)

  10. I LOVE this. And yes, the universe IS abundant.XO

  11. Pre chopped onions - how cool is that!
    Just take a deep breath and remind yourself that you're doing a bloody great job!

  12. Abundent and occasionally moves in mysterious ways but it's only the the fearlessly fierce and funny who can see the signs. x

  13. I think a good cry can be very cathartic.

    Go back to Trader Joes. There is bound to be a bar of chocolate that will encourage you to cry your eyes out , or maybe a bottle of Two Buck Chuck that will whisper, weep.

  14. Lovely! If only the bag of onions could have whipped Sophie's cup off of the counter, thrown it into the car and screeched off to school for you.

    I can only hope that something sweet happened on the drive back to school...

  15. So YOU'RE the one who buys the pre-sliced stuff! ;)

    Do you have a rubber mallet and a sack of potatoes? If you ever need to work out some frustration, go out to someplace you don't have to clean up, maybe some park where there are some birds and have at it.

    I call it Gallagher Therapy

  16. ah messages! love em.
    and you...

    I have this man friend that I call my "fake boyfriend" because he's sweet to me but unavailable. Right after talking about him to a friend at the library, calling him my "fake boyfriend" I check in a DVD returned from another library called "my Fake Fiance." What do you think THAT means?

  17. That's EXACTLY the way my life works... all the time. I love that you paid attention to the sign.

    Sorry such a tearful day. We have had a tearful week too.

    I hope you're having a blast in Palm Springs. xo

  18. God bless you, my dear, dear far-away friend. xoxoxo



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