Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ya'll need to come on out

Heading west
It's another glorious day in southern California. I hesitate to write it because I know the majority of you are out there sweltering and it might sound all smug. But I didn't have any part of this weather, this glorious seventy in the morning and sixty put on a sweatshirt evening sleep with the windows open and no ac all day. I am grateful for it, every single day. On bad days, it saves me.

So come on out, ya'll. You can stay with us for free.


  1. I am sorely tempted to hook up the team and head west. It has been raining all morning but, instead of cooling off, it has just gotten steamy. Thanks for the invitation!!


  2. We have finally gotten "summer" here in Washington state, too. It's a glorious, cloudless sky with the kids playing in the sprinkler and iced tea in the fridge. I'm feeling mighty blessed and lucky right now!

  3. 73 degrees on Cape Cod...I have no complaints either...enjoy, I'm sure it won't last

  4. Get ready. I'm packing. I won't be coming by covered wagon, though.

  5. Git along, little dogies. There'll be cute lil' cupcakes, too, I'm a thinkin'.

  6. i'm so glad it's saving you on those rough days; it's hot here, but michelle's new sanctuary has a pool, so i say hot schmot! xo

  7. I've got myself a couple of driving horses and a cart. But I didn't need to leave home today, although it was not quite as nice as there, it was definitely better than it has been. Take the good you have and enjoy it. I know how to hook up a hitch and drive it. If I need to I may be lumbering on to your way. I'll call you.

  8. I hate the heat. I am an Autumn girl. I love sweater weather.

  9. it's been 101 here for the last 3 days. Like Adrienne says thank god for the pool!


  10. I know what you mean, the weather - temperature, light, colors - affects me deeply. That's why I don't particularly like visiting my US in-laws, they live near Seattle :)

  11. It was beautiful up here in the bay area this weekend, as well, except I don't have yummy cakes in my house!

  12. Hurrumph! My family (also in CA) seem to be mocking me with their casual mention of morning coffee on the deck in SWEATERS. Cruelty, defined.

  13. Elizabeth, the line I quoted in that sunset post is from this poem by William Carlos Williams (and it seems appropriate, somehow, to your enviable weather) :

    The Botticellian Trees

    The alphabet of
    the trees

    is fading in the
    song of the leaves

    the crossing
    bars of the thin

    letters that spelled

    and the cold
    have been illumined

    pointed green

    by the rain and sun --
    The strict simple

    principles of
    straight branches

    are being modified
    by pinched-out

    ifs of color, devout

    the smiles of love --

    . . . .

    until the stript

    move as a woman's
    limbs under cloth

    and praise from secrecy
    quick with desire

    love's ascendancy
    in summer --

    In summer the song
    sings itself

    above the muffled words --

    -- William Carlos Williams



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